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Melissa Donovan's "20 Creative Writing Careers" revealed possible career paths that I had not yet considered, as well as a few I've had my heart set on.  My "top 5" would include, 

1. Novelist
2. Freelance Short Fiction Writer
3. Video Game Writer
4. Travel Writer
5. Article Writer

Something I did not see on that list but have always considered would be an editor of manuscripts, perhaps for a magazine or publication house.  I love to read as much as I love to write.  I also have a good eye for grammar.  The ultimate dream is to publish a novel (or two, or three...) but between school and my part-time job the time just isn't there.  So instead I've been focusing on short stories (some flash fiction, some lengthier pieces) and I've amassed a small collection of horror, fantasy, and the tiniest bit of scifi that I will soon be sending out to various publishers.  The pros?  Getting my name out there, even if I'm not being paid for it.  And it will be my name on my work, for all the world to see.  One thing I don't think I could ever do would be a ghost writer.  I'm far too selfish for that.  As for the cons, well... It's not exactly the most lucrative choice, but I think in the beginning it's more important to submit submit submit than think about the monetary consequences.  One option would be to work on my novel and freelance short fiction while simultaneously working as an editor.  I'll probably fry my brains sooner or later, but it's worth doing because I'll be writing, and writing is what I love.

I think it's about time to break out the ol' Writer's Market and see who's currently accepting...

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