I am a velociraptor.

No, actually that is a lie.  Sorry to disappoint.  I know how excited you were to hear about a word slinging dinosaur.  In actuality, I am a human (damn!) with a certain affinity for the written word.  I'm also terrible when writing under pressure or given a time limit so this might not be the best representation of me.  Oh, well.  While my interests lean towards science fiction, fantasy, and horror, I will read anything with a solid, unique storyline and up-to-snuff writing.  I am eternally in awe of published authors such as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling and hope to one day join the ranks of the literary aficionados.  Until then, feel free to immerse yourself in my own mental musings... just promise not to turn tail when what you find there scares you.

Happy reading!
Prof. Reynolds
2/21/2012 08:18:38

Imagine the possibilities of having a dinosaur show up for class... there's a writing topic. Thanks for sharing!


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